Rumi’s Field

Beyond aesthetics
Beyond recognition
Beyond thought

There is the place where beauty lives

This earthly matter which isĀ She
needs us to breathe her
into being
bring her into being

Meet her in all our doings
In this world of wrongdoings and rightdoings…
There is a field…
I will meet you there…

In Rumi’s naked field we meet
Human to Human
Woman to Woman
Man to Man

There She resides
Elemental holy places
Water, earth, air, fire
Fields of dancing light

Can we stand to know
Our sacred body?
Our subtle body?
Our earthly body?

Let the craving for being
Be satisfied in the depths
Cradled deep by the Feminine
In kinship with the Masculine

Let your yearning lead you home…
Home yearning
Home longing
Home dancing

I’ll meet you there.

written by Susan Davis Martin, after Wellsprings, June 2006


2 Responses to Rumi’s Field

  1. nuala says:

    loved your poem – perfect reminder at new year of renewal, and i am cleaning and decluttering…..making space for creation, resonating with depth of bodysoul



  2. susan says:

    Nuala, thank you for your appreciation. It is hard to believe it has been 8 years since I wrote it! The work of BSR is ageless and priceless. Happy New Year, SDM

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