a little dream blog


An idea came today.

Presented itself to me, as I am life reviewing.

Prompted by the Dream, which is clearly handing me my hat, showing me the door.

Murad Osmann

A transition.

Another ego surrender.


Images of missing IDs, purses, wallets, and objects de art that are of significance…

…or should I say (as the dream is clearly showing) used to be of significance.


Ego surrender
Joe Turk


My dream ego protests these seeming thefts and lost artifacts.

More and more is being stripped away–the street cleaner of my psyche dozing through to an unknown location.

Today, the image came to me of a Mandala.


Turtle Woman
Marcia Snedecor

And at the center, is the Dream.

Turtle Tree Mandala
Marcia Snedecor









And, it is true, that more and more,

the Dream has taken center stage, not only in my own Psyche,

but in my work with others.

Center stage.



Tree of Life
Marcia Snedecor


There is mystery involved here, and I do not wish to trample thereon.

Catherine Nolin


to give the way of the dream its due,

 create a little dream blog;

I hope,

will facilitate the process underway.

Thank you dear reader for being my Passepartout.

Vox Anima, SDM







all other art credit:  Pinterest

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2 Responses to a little dream blog

  1. Rita says:

    Beautiful Susan. Me too. You gave me my first dream of the many layered quilt. I’ve been weaving those multicolored strands and now they are coming together from their starting point, not without mystery and yes, ego surrender. I will look to your dream images and your mandala in creation.

  2. susan says:

    Dear lovely Rita, thank you for commenting here. I remember your quilt. Tho’ hard to trust sometimes, these images are gifts from the unconscious. All we have to do is follow…not so easy, but always rewarding if we are faithful. Truly glad to know your strands are coming together. Much love, SDM

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