A Letter from Absentia


Dea in Absentia III

Dea in Absentia III

Dear Readers,

I haven’t really been away this long, have I?

Since summer.

Oh dear.

Let us just say, “we” were preoccupied.

With the garden harvest, work life, family life, an intensive training, and current events.

Between the training and topside developments I have been in a vortex.

William Spencer

William Spencer

Trying to metabolize, comprehend, and reconcile all the energies swirling within and without.

I can honestly say, it has not been until this week that I have felt my footing, and the preoccupations subside.

I have tried a number of times to write this blog.

Any blog.

But nothing.

Until today.

A little quickening.

So here is a little something, with Love from Absentia:

Look for the beauty that is always there.

Jose Royo

Jose Royo


Vox Anima,  SDM



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