On Being Human


La Casa de Maria Conference Center Grounds

La Casa de Maria Conference Center Grounds

Announcing a NEW Marion Woodman Foundation Program!

“Loving Our Brokenness:  Being Human in an Imperfect World”

July 24-29 2016

La Casa De Maria Conference Center

Santa Barbara,  California

From the Foundation sponsored flyer:

“This workshop celebrates our brokenness, imperfections, and cracks revealing that our deepest wounds can be a place where the Self is hidden.  Many women today suffer from lacerating self-criticism and isolation, and when looking for mirroring, only the coldness of perfection is reflected back…

(This has been my experience.)

Perfection always sets the bar higher than we can reach, leading to paralysis and disembodiment…

(Sound familiar anyone?)

In this workshop, we offer another, relational vision to mine the riches that lay within which have the power to crack 

(emphasis mine)

…images that belong only with the gods and goddesses.”



I hope you will join us in the dance of light at La Casa,


For more go to:  www.mwoodmanfoundation.org

Art Credit:  Pinterest

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