Spark Joy 2


The tidying continues…

I find working with categories and sub-categories facilitates this process.

Taking on medicine cabinet stuff and bathroom miscellany.

Now why am I hanging onto little soaps, shampoos, and shower caps from hotel travels?

Excellent question, Susan.

And why am I hanging on to cosmetic samples and skin creams, sent to me unsolicited?

Again, good question.

And, and why am I retaining old, outdated medicines, cough syrups, prescriptions for the pain for the broken foot over 3 years ago?

Warning:  Transparency Ahead


The answer to the why I hold onto these kinds of things is FEAR.

Brandon Kidwell Photography

Brandon Kidwell Photography

As a child, growing up, I knew periods of feast and famine.

Chronic uncertainty that my basic needs would be provided for.


That explains things.

Remnants of childhood trauma.

Kiera Malone

Kiera Malone

Kiera Malone captures an essential aspect of the child within–

who I learned much more about in Marion Woodman Wellsprings Intensives.

I also found, along with her, in my shadow, much light, comfort, and solid goodness.


(The Sealskin Sealskin Selkie story remains very dear and close to my heart.)

Now certainly, I can approach the fear of the tiny soaps and medicine bottles with a little help from Mother?

I can hear her voice.

She can help me sort this from that.c97da919dbdde28ed05cdfafcb89a30c

As for Sparking Joy:

With a little bit of help, I think I can do it.

Vox Anima, SDM

Art Credit as Captioned; Pinterest

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