my little rant


The topic for this post has been simmering for a few months now,

and it is time to put it up.

So, dear reader, bear with me in my little rant…

Here we go!

I have been at odds with the phrase: Reinvent Yourself.

Touted by Lifestyle Bloggers, aka Professional Dilettantes

(with boob jobs and loads of money)

(yes, I am working with my projections)

and marketed to over 50-ish women.


And, from what I can see,

marketed to all women at every age.

Guia Besana

Guia Besana


How about just BEING yourself?

Isn’t that hard enough in and of itself?


You know whereof this stems, don’t you?


“It is easier to try to better than you are than to be who you are.”

~Marion Woodman



(that was me as a child–

I simply could not manage to stay within the lines–

coloring or otherwise)


“Do not try to transform yourself,

move into yourself.

Move into your human unsuccess,

perfection rapes the soul.”

~Marion Woodman


As my dear teacher Dorothy J. Anderson told me:

“Our job is to become more and more OURSELVES—NOT anybody else.”



Thank you for reading my little rant.


Vox Anima, SDM


Art Credit:  My Little Rant, and Positive Little Rant – Orange Bowtie

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7 Responses to my little rant

  1. Rant away – dear friend! I totally agree. We are teaching generations of kids to paste an unrecognizable alien on top of their vulnerable imperfect self – while their precious real self is smothered into extinction 🙁 LET’S dig her out of hiding and let her shine.

  2. I loved the picture of the little girl trying to cut some of herself away. So sad we often don’t see what is happening to children. I felt that same way years ago. I still remember the first day of my first classroom 1956 double classes 25 children each class 5 yr. olds
    starting Kindergarten. I hour for lunch and restoring the environment then home to shop for dinner put food away get back out what was for dinner cook dinner and serve dinner and cleanup. That was when I knew that liberation was not what I thought and I did not like it. Keep ranting it is good for the soul. love Barbara

  3. susan says:

    Thank you Barbara, after all this time, I still need feedback and permission. Outlier that I am.
    Anyone else? Please add to the conversation. SDM

  4. susan says:

    p.s. that little girl with the scissors was me and many others trying…I love her too

  5. Virginia says:

    A great rant! Well done. Send it to huff post and twitter . And Mary Engelbreit whose print you used as your last image, she’d love it , )she’s on Facebook(. Thanks for sharing. Isn’t it a relief?!

  6. Meg Wilbur says:

    Thank you Susan. Not a ‘rant’, to me, but values so valuable to express! Especially in our world, where values are increasingly usurped by empty materialism. Thanks for quoting Marion Woodman who has spoken heartfully about this for years. “Easier to be better than you are than to be who you are.” Well said, Marion and Susan!

  7. susan says:

    Yes, Meg! That is the spirit of Vox Anima–to speak (as best I humanly can) to the values of the conscious feminine. As I wrote, I have been stewing with this for awhile. It was time. I try to bring contemporary ideas, and turns of phrase, i.e, ‘rant’ as a conveyance, to BIG subjects. I am in august company to see my name following Marion’s in the same sentence. XO SDM

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