Authentic Fashionista


It’s time for a little self deprecating humor.


Please humor me.

When I was a little girl, I was fascinated with my mother’s lipstick: Fire Engine Red.

My curiosity led me to her vanity mirror where I smudged my little face with red.


I can clearly see mother’s reflection and the shocked/angry expression on her face–

her sacred lipstick!il_340x270.626479813_27h0

That was the only make-up she wore.

That, and Chanel #5 and stiletto heels!

(they used to be called spike heels)

Stiletto-Heels (8)


(as I write this in my cozy acorn wooly slippers)

To this day,

Lipstick means Mom.

The Mom that was a beautiful, spirited woman, who died too young, and left a little girl without the best woman in the world to guide her into adulthood.

So, perhaps it is no wonder that I have an affinity for lipsticks, pencils, and glosses.

Reveal:  I count 25 in my kit and kaboodle.

I also must admit,  I do like shoes.

But there is not a high heel in my closet.

Oh, maybe one.

Confession:  Gentle Souls Gladiator Wedge.images-1

(worn once)

Pretty racy, eh?

Well, dear reader, thank you for bearing with my meandering muse on early lessons and lingering influences about beauty.




Love you Mom!

Vox Anima,


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2 Responses to Authentic Fashionista

  1. Wonderful tribute to your Mom – and a smiling image of your little girl with her smeary face 🙂 d

  2. Dear Susan I am not your Moms age but I love my red lipstick. My daughters keep telling me it is too dark for me I need a gentle pink. I try it and feel less pretty also undefended and not noticeable. Quiet shy. So I keep smearing my lips with red and mentally think I look more like the movie stars of my era.I have tried a browner or cinnamon color for day time but a night out calls for red. My husband keeps kissing me so it cant be all that bad. I also have friends who use it who are my age 77 and they look good to me. love Barbara

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