Taking the Plunge


Apart from my Hawaii New Year’s traditions,

(see last year’s post ~ Going Bamboo)

I have been intrigued with the idea of Polar Bear Plunges as a way to begin a year.

Maybe it’s the swimmer in me.

Or my inner polar bear.


If I look into it more deeply, it must be a metaphor!

Facing the unknown in the cold icy depths.

Bracing, and diving into the elements!


And celebrating our willingness to begin all over again, a new year!


And maybe look silly while we are doing it.

a93e201a-11b7-4a6a-ac56-5119af84a7dc-1020x612With Champagne, of course.

I’ll remember this while I swim in a lovely heated pool today,

and plunge into a hot spa and sauna.

Best New Year’s Wishes, SDM

34e6e2c607decb282c2017ac1ebd262c.jpgPhoto Credit:  The Guardian

ME: Pinterest

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3 Responses to Taking the Plunge

  1. I love your posts, Susan ~ for the deep content and, always, for the perfect proportions and photographs!

  2. susan says:

    Thank you D. I hope some of these images brought a smile.
    Personally, Super Woman is my favorite.

  3. Jana Botkin says:

    Oooh, Susan, I was worried you were actually going to say you had done a Polar Bear swim. I HATE cold water and can’t understand the appeal. Interesting to read your thoughts about why it intrigues you, and it made me smile to read that you swam in a heated pool instead. 😎

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