Welcome December



Enough said.

Vox Anima,  SDM

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2 Responses to Welcome December

  1. Susannah says:

    I miss the country in the wintertime when all the leaves are gone from the trees – the embellishments of nature fall to the ground and turn to the soil. The energy of the plants leave the periphery and sink down into the core – into their roots, and everything becomes quiet.
    December is the month of my mother, the month of the moon and the month of winter magic. A quiet kind of magic, when everything is pregnant with itself.
    This winter I am quiet. Sinking into my core, my roots, contemplating my origin and thinking of my mother.
    Thank you Susan for the space you have left for December. I think of you often and miss you always. Love, Love, Love.

  2. susan says:

    Susannah, a lovely and poetic tribute to your Mother and the season.
    I welcome hearing your voice here at Vox Anima!

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