Tuesday with Marion



as I attempt to trust,

go forward,

in my own individuation process,

the old ghosts show up,


Perennial student that I am,

I turn to my dream journal, and Marion;

 trying to distill the ghostly dew into some other substance.

I search and ponder…


Ah!  Seems to have something to do with trusting the mystery!


~ The Gatekeeper, Samode Palace

Marion Woodman wrote about trusting the mystery:

“…it is a gatekeeper of the sacred.

To dispel this kind of mystery with too harsh a light–

to explain away everything about our dream,

about love,

about commitments–

is to tear down the gate and allow sacred ground to be trampled.

Mystery keeps us humble, keeps our rationality aware of its ignorance.

Sustaining awareness of what it means to be human,

of what our dreams are,

of what certain piercing moments ‘mean’,

reminds us what a wonder~fully (emphasis mine)

small part of the larger life flow we are.”


From Coming Home to Myself:

“I trust there is a healing process

going on in my unconscious.

If I can keep in touch with it,

my life flows forward;

I constantly open to what

I could never have imagined.”

In the Spirit of Homecoming,

Vox Anima, SDM



All other art credit: pinterest

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  1. Powerful images and precious reminders of Marion’s words – I love Coming Home to Myself. Thanks Susan!

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