Apples and Oranges

Paul Cezanne

Paul Cezanne

In the interest of transparency…here goes…

(what you just heard was the sound of swallowing hard)

Have you ever caught yourself in the act of comparing yourself to others? I found myself caught in the shadow’s grip (again!) of looking at someone else’s lovely oranges, while my own lovely apple was in plain view.


I thought, it is a permutation of Little Envy, my shadow sister.  She’s quite a little monkey! And, she loves bananas.




But last night, in my dreams, Envy appeared as a man.


Burning Man Bandit Photo by Robert S. Kline

Burning Man Bandit
Photo by Robert S. Kline

A red-haired, mustachioed Bandit.  He was trying to kidnap me…

(as Jung said, look no further than the facts of the dream)

The dream resolved with me singing to Bandit, and eventually, he softened, melted, and sang along with me.

(Dream endings aren’t always so neat and swift, by the way.)



In Cinderella and Her Sisters:  The Envied and the Envying by Ann & Barry Ulanov, they make the point that the act of envying objectifies the one being envied, and, in essence, robs them of their humanity.

I thought of it much like turning one into a sex object.  Horrors!

I have also been on the receiving end of envy.




And I can tell you, it feels CREEPY.

And, no matter how I protested my humanity to the one envying me, I could not be seen, heard, or understood for who I am.  Terribly frustrating and nonproductive, too, I can tell you.

I think the best I can do, any of us can do, is catch ourselves in the act.  

BYU College of Fine Arts

BYU College of Fine Arts

And then, seeker that I am, ask my Self about this need or deficit that I am picking on in the act of comparison?  And do so with love, and forgiveness in this business of being human.

Who was it that said:  “Nothing human is alien to me.” ?

Wiki (the ultimate source) quotes Terence, the ancient Roman Playwright”:

“Homo sum, humani nihil a me alienum puto” or

“I am a human being, I consider nothing that is human alien to me.”



Vox Anima, SDM

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5 Responses to Apples and Oranges

  1. Lovely transparency Susan! And I resonate totally with your shadowy disclosures 🙂
    Great pictures, too. ♥dja

  2. susan says:

    Well Dorothy, the only way out is THROUGH! Thank you for being my teacher. Whew! SDM

  3. susan says:

    Oh, made blood orange roasted chicken tonight. Restaurant quality. Bon Appetit!

  4. Dear Susan,

    I am enjoying your blogs very much, This one reminded me that some yea ago my husband and I went to a Jungian birthday party(re alt ego) as “oranges are not the only fruit”. I’d painted a big orange, apple and bananas on a big sheet of art card board, like a bill board. I thought of Jean Winterton’s book, but your blog has given much richer layers.


  5. susan says:

    Dear Joan, I have heard about such parties–but have never been to one. Sigh… I like the Sandwich board idea very much.
    Stay tuned, and please keep the comments flowing!

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